Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully the statement of Terms & Conditions in order to avoid any misunderstanding.


  1. We are not a travel agency. So we are not responsible of any damage which may happen to you during your voyage and your stay on Crete.
  2. As a Medical Tourism Facilitator Company we are not acting as a Medical Referral Service promoting Physicians or Clinics. Our work relations with Surgeons & Physicians & private Hospitals are based on the fact that those professionals & those organizations are accredited by the Greek Ministry of Health & that of Labor & Social Security. They are also accredited & certified to exercise their Medical Specialty by the Greek Medical Boards & all of them are members of International Medical Societies or Associations.
  3. All Health Professionals & all Health Facilities & Organizations in Greece are subject to draconian LAWS & REGULATIONS issued by the above Ministries. Furthermore, they are also obliged to follow all the REGULATIONS & DIRECTIVES of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  4. As well Cretan Health as the collaborating Doctors & Private Hospitals respect the HUMAN DIGNITY through the secret of the medical informations which are only managed by the Physicians. The absolute privacy is guaranteed by our whole system of Health Care.
  5. The private Hospitals & Clinics as our physicians provide all the needed information to patients & relatives.
  6. There are special consent forms for Bariatrics & Plastic Surgery. You are informed of that before coming to Crete.
  7. Our collaborating private Hospitals & Clinics are excellently equipped with medical Instrument, I.C.Us, & medical devices. The rooms of those Clinics are superior to those of Hotels in Crete.
  9. We do daily efforts to provide our patients with the most accurate information. If any technical inaccuracy or other error of syntax or orthography, occurs we are not responsible for that.
  10. All patients who want to be treated by the Collaborating with Cretan Health Physicians have to follow the process of:
  • pay for the file & 1rst diagnosis expenses (see our services)
  • deposit a 5% of the total amount of the treatment as estimated by your Doctor
  • sign a consent form & declare that they are fully informed of the treatment.