About Us



Your medical & health tourism help on Crete is Managed & Administrated by Manolis Douroudakis- M.A. University of Paris 1 & M.B.A. University of Paris 1. He created Cretan Health after 22 years of experience as General Manager & CEO of Public Hospitals, Private Clinics & Pharmaceutical companies in Paris France, as well as in Athens and on Crete.

He has managed a Health Complex on Crete including 500 beds Hospital & 48 Health Care Centers, with 800 doctors & 560.000 patients per year. The hospital has 47 departments, 12 surgical theatres & 4.000 medical devices, instruments & engines.

Due to his long experience in the health care sector he knows perfectly well the importance of excellent medical care for human Being. He knows also the extremely high standards of treatments and processes developed & produced by Doctors on Crete.

Mr. Douroudakis’ experience allows him to provide you with top quality & health care procedures from the best accredited & certified Private Practitioner on Crete. Most of these Physicians have either studied or worked or both in Universities & Hospitals of the U.S.A., U.K., France and Germany.

Cretan Health guides you during your journey on Crete to the Specialist you need to resolve your Health & Well Being problem. Our Physicians are all accredited from the Ministry of Public Health, the N.H.S. Organization, the Medical Board of Greece & are members of International Medical Associations.