Step by step guide


In order to profit from your journey & from the medical treatments you deserve, we must work diligently together to accomplish all the steps before leaving home. Note that after confirming the dates of treatment with Doctors, you cannot cancel the treatment. Should the cancellation be on our behalf, we shall reimburse the amount of money you have given for the first diagnostics and any other deposit of value you have done. If it is due to you, we won’t.


  • Our questions ---> Your needs
  • Enquiry details ---> Personal manager assignment
  • Choose your destination ---> Setting up your procedure
  • Follow up




  • Are you one of those persons who are going to spend his or her Holidays on Crete? Either in the Region of Chania or in those of Rethymnon, Heraklion, Lassithi?
  • And in one of the cities & the Holidays Resorts of Chania, Ag. Marina, Plattanias, Sfakia, Rethymnon, Bali, Heraklion, Herssonissos, Malia, Gouves, Sissi, Ag. Nicolaos, Ierapetra, Sitia, Makrisgialos, and many others?
  • Are you going to travel by direct flights (Transavia, Norway, Ryanair, etc) or through an organized tour operator (TUI, Fram, Kuoni, Thomson Holidays, etc?
  • Do you have an urgent need for one of the following treatments:


  1. Dental Treatment
  2. Detoxification procedure
  3. Psychological support
  4. the Erasure of some wrinkles
  5. or one of the many others of our TREATMENTS LIST?
  6. Or have you long ago planned to proceed tο:
  • an implant in the place of your missing tooth
  • a face lift
  • a weight loss surgery
  • a dermatological treatment
  • or any other Medical Procedures from our list of Capacities & Capabilities?


  • What is your time frame?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you plan coming to Crete?
  • What are your concerns?
  • What are your expectations?


We at Cretan Health are at your service in order to:


  • answer to all those questions through our collaborating Physicians and their medical team.
  • assign a Personal Manager at your service.
  • present your case to our Medical team of collaborating Surgeon’s and Physicians who will analyze your medical data in order to establish the diagnosis of your Health situation and determine who will treat you.
  • inform you about everything you want to know about Crete. To accompany you from your hotel to your Physician and back as many times as he prescribes it. In case, you can’t or don’t want to drive, we can arrange to drive you for a visit to Museums or Geographical Treasures.
  • be at your service for any information you may need from your Physician.
  • arrange any Skype or telephone communication with him if you need his help before coming or after returning home.


Your file & 1rst contact 

First of all, you have to read carefully all the information included in this site under the headings: Terms and Conditions, Services, and Treatments.

Then you contact us through email or phone and you tell us about your needs, your limitations and expectations as mentioned above.

We shall answer, immediately, to everything which is not Medical. For the Medical matters you will be informed by our Physicians either in written form or through a telephone call or a Skype meeting and if there are Medical problems that prevent treating you.

As we mention in the part of our site Services, after the first contact with us and the Surgeons or the G.Ps., in order to continue the process with Cretan Health you will have to deposit, on a bank account in your Country, the cost of the expenses related to your medical file & the first diagnosis. You can find the file & first diagnosis expenses at the part of our site under the title: Services and the Section: Expenses of your medical file according to your Treatment & Procedure.

After that and according to your planned period of Holidays, you will have to send upon the Physician’s request, the Medical Questionnaire he will prepare for you. Then he will answer to all your questions by mail and he will arrange with you by phone, email, Skype, etc. the last formalities. Note that for all Treatments, only during your first visit to the Physician on Crete and the first consultation, the diagnosis is definitive.

We shall then tell you the name & data of your personal manager who will be at your service & as the link between you and the Physicians & Surgeons.

For Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery, as well for Bariatric surgery there are special essentials & a consent form to fill before the treatment & before coming to Crete.



After communicating with our collaborating Physicians & Surgeons, you will choose with them the appropriate treatment and determine the destination on Crete which will best fit with your treatment, in order to avoid any fatigue. For surgical treatments this is obligatory.

Following from your country this last communication with the Physicians on Crete, we shall prepare with your Physician & our Staff every detail of the medical aspect of your journey.

At this point you will receive a price quotation for the procedure.

Due to the fact that Surgeons & Dentist are operating at different and special hours, email is the most appropriate way of communicating with them.

In this step and after the last details you have to finalize your procedure by a 5% deposit of the price quotation to our bank account in your country. See Section Services, Ηeading: Methods of Payment.

After that, and according to the dates your Physician has granted to you, you have to book your trip either by Internet or through your travel agent.

At that point and according to your Treatment we shall provide you with all the information about your destination and how to profit from your journey. 



After your arrival and within 12 hours, you will visit your physician’s office for the pre-surgery or pre- treatment consultation. Here, perhaps, the Surgeon or the G.P. or any other specialized Physician will conduct additional tests to ensure that you are ready for the procedure.

Your procedure will be performed by an excellent Physician (Surgeon, Dentist, GP, or Psychiatrist) at a world class medical facility using state of the art medical equipment.

For the post treatment recuperation and the post treatment enjoyment, the Doctor will give both to you and to your Personal Program Manager (PPM) advice on what it is allowed and what is forbidden. If you don’t or can’t drive your PPM will drive you to cultural and or natural treasures. For once, it is offered by Cretan Health.

From Step C and on, your PPM will be regularly in contact with you. As well before your arrival as after your departure from Crete.

Your PPM will be with you for Medical matters from the airport or the hotel to the Physicians office and the private hospital, as many times as it is requested. The PPM are very experienced nurses or paramedics and their role is to enhance your health care in Crete.

When returning home, your PPM as well as your Doctor will be in contact with you and at your disposal for any requirement.