Psychological & Psychiatric Health


Psychological & Psychiatric Health Care On Crete


On Crete we had one of the most famous Psychiatric Hospitals of Greece. The Hospital was closed some years ago following the directives of the E.U. regarding the integration of patients into the Community. The Psychiatrists & Psychologists on Crete are excellent due to their Hospital experience & to the local medical history.

Private psychiatric & Psychological treatments are of an international level and include all the range of therapies concerning mental illness & addictions. Those treatments can be offered either on an residential or an out-patient base.

The mental illnesses & addictions therapies are an individual matter and they can be discussed only between you or your relatives & the Health professionals: Psychiatrists & Psychologists.

If you need to plan a program of any help or treatment on Crete during your Holidays, you contact us from your country and we shall arrange all the necessary elements with the appropriate specialists.