Face Surgery


Face Surgery include the following treatments:


  • Blepharoplasty (eyelids & eyebrows)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose)
  • Otoplasty (ear)
  • Face lift
cretan health face surgery



Face Surgery




One of the most frequent plastic surgery on the face. The procedure improves the beauty of the eye orbit & the vision by removing all loosen skin & the fat around your eyes. During the treatment excess skin is removed from the eyelids and the ocular orbit. cretan health Blepharoplasty


You need Blepharoplasty when your eyelids are droopy, when bags surround your eyes, when you lose vision because of the bags on your lids.


This treatment can be done for upper or lower lids or both.


If necessary you must combine this surgery with the Brow lift which removes the wrinkles from your forehead & raises your eyebrows in order to give them a dynamic look. For the brow lift you don’t stay at the clinic & you return to your normal life in 3 to 7 days.


Duration of the eyelid procedure: 1 to 2 hours. The patient is released the same day.


Anesthesia: local anesthesia enhanced by intravenous sedation.


Hospital stay: No


Recovery time: 2 days. You can go back home after the 7th day.


Additional information: He, She can return to normal life after the 2nd day following the procedure. The 5th day after the surgery we shall accompany you to your Doctor’s clinic to remove the stitches if they are not absorbable. You can combine that with other skin therapies.


Follow up: when returning to your country, your Plastic Surgeon will be at least for 3 months in contact with you. If needed he communicates with your general practitioner for more information.


Further details will be given to you by your Plastic Surgeon when you will agree to present to him your medical file. See the Part ‘’Our services: expenses of your medical file’’.     


 cretan health Blepharoplasty




The French philosopher & mathematician Blaise Pascal, once said, ‘’ Cleopatra’s nose, had it been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed’’. It means that the nose is not only an organ of smelling & breathing but also a criterion of beauty standard. That’s why Caesar & Marc Antony, both roman emperors, felt in love of Cleopatra.cretean health Rhinoplasty

From an aesthetic aspect (search of harmony), the Rhinoplasty aims at the correction of the size & the shape of the nose, in order to enhance self confidence. From a reconstructive point of view, the nose surgery aims at restructuring a broken nose after an injury or a nose presenting defects after chemotherapy or other medical treatments.

The new techniques of our team of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons allow the patients to recover the permanent facial harmony without Osteotomy (nose bone breakage), without Swelling, without Plaster splint. 


Duration of surgery: according to your problem & if it will be a minor Rhinoplasty or a major Rhinoplasty. For the minor time needed is 1 hour. For the major it is 2 hours.   


Anesthesia: Local enhanced by intravenous sedation for the minor, General for the major.


Recovery: 5 days


Additional Information: no major complications. The stitches are removed the 5th day after the procedure. Patients can return home & to normal life that same day.


Stay in clinic: some hours to 1 day

Further details will be given to you by your Surgeon by mail or Skype before your arrival and after your 1rst meeting in his Surgery Office.

 cretean health Rhinoplasty




The ear plastic procedure does not aim at any part of the hearing system of the ear. It intends to correct the abnormalities in the shape of the ear which cause psychological & social problems to the persons with this problem.
In the case of Cretan Health, this treatment is operated in common by a Plastic Surgeon & an O.R.L. Surgeon. Thus the benefits for the patient are maximized in terms of safety & recovery. The cost is as if only one doctor was there.

cretan health Otoplasty

Through the techniques of the Minimal Invasive Surgery, a small incision is done behind the auricle, and then the Surgeon separates the cartilage from the skin, remodels & restructures the cartilage and positions the ear near the head in order to give the ear and the head a beautiful natural aspect. After the operation and the closing of the small incision, a special bandage is applied so that the ear holds its proper position. The bandage is removed after 1 or 2 days.

Through the Minimal Invasive Surgery, which means as less as possible harmless surgical techniques & anesthesia: The bruise & edemas & the bleeding & the pain are extremely minimized   


Anesthesia: local enhanced by intravenous sedation


Procedure time: 40’ to 2 hours depending of the patient needs.


Recovery time & return to normal life: 3 days


Stay at hospital: a couple of hours.


Additional information: we shall come at your hotel & bring you to the surgeon office in the clinic. If you stay in the cities of Chania and Heraklion the drive expenses are offered to you by Cretan Health.

After the treatment we shall bring you back to your hotel. With us you shall visit the doctor’s office as often as it will be necessary. If you want you can combine this treatment with others that you can discuss through telephone or Skype or e-mail with your Surgeon before coming to Crete.

If you stay in the cities of Chania or Heraklion or in their neighborhood, the drive to & from your Surgeon’s office will be at our charge.

  cretan health Otoplasty  cretan health Otoplasty


Face Lift


In the Facelift treatments we distinguish between mini face lift & maxi facelift.cretan health Face Lift


Both of them aim at treating the consequences of ageing and proceed at corrections or restoration of face problems. They enhance the face appearance through surgical & medical techniques.


1. The mini facelift is recommended for younger people with no deep age damages. Our surgeons use procedures with advanced technique.


The mini facelift procedure reduces sagging skin & lines by removing excess skin & fat & tightening the underlying muscles. It smoothes the loose skin on your face & neck, & tightens underlying tissues.   


Due to the small incisions that the specialist in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery does, the recovery is quick.  


Results. It provides very good results on the chin & the cheek.


Anesthesia. Local enhanced by intravenous sedation, unless the patient decides for a general one. It will be discussed between you, the anesthesiologist & the Plastic surgeon.


Duration. From 1 to 3 hours.  The patient is released the same day.


Recovery. As it is a mini procedure it requires a small recovery period.  You can return to your routine activities after 1 week.


Follow up. During your stay, the personnel of Cretan Health will come at your hotel and bring you to the Doctors Surgery as often as the Physician has prescribed. If you stay in the towns of: Chania or Heraklion, the drive to the Surgeon Office is free.


After your departure to your country, he will remain in e-contact with you: email, Skype, telephone. If necessary he will get in touch with your personal Physician in your country.


Extra service.  According to your physical situation, after a surgery treatment, the personnel of Cretan Health can accompany you & drive you, to visit a cultural or a natural place in Chania or Heraklion. This service is at no cost for you.        


2. Important face Lift. Called also Rhytidectomy (in Greek Rytides=wrinkles), a full & deep rhytidectomy allows the improvement of the look of the forehead, the lower face & cheeks of a person.cretan health Face Lift


Small incisions are done behind the ears & in the hairline at the temples and end at the back lower part of the scalp. With this procedure no signs appear on your face & on visible part of your head after the surgery. The deeper layers of your face as well as those of your muscles, your jowls, neck & tissues are uplifted & repositioned to enhance the facial suspension system.


After the surgery, an elastic bandage is placed around the wounds in order to avoid the appearance of bruises & edemas. The gauzes & bandage are removed after 24 to 48 hours.   


The facelift procedure can be combined with a Rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Ottoplasty (ear plastic surgery) and a neck lift.


The details of this procedure can be discussed by telephone with your Plastic Surgeon when he will examine your file.   


Duration of the procedure: 3 to 4 hours


Type of anesthesia: General or local depending on many variables. It will be discussed between you, your anesthesiologist & your surgeon.


Stay at the clinic: 1 day.


Recommended stay on Crete: 8 days after the surgery


Suture removal: 8 days after the surgery


Final effect: 2 to 3 months after the surgery, complete healing and fading of the scar in 10 to 12 months


Additional information: During the first week after the surgery, the patient is instructed to consume soft and liquid food, and to avoid movements that would excessively tighten the lifted skin on the face. The patient should avoid direct sun for 1 to 2 months.


 cretan health Face Lift



If you will be treated for a full face lift, Cretan Health will offer you a Reflexology session or a teeth cleaning!