Breast Treatments


In this category of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, our Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeons (P.S.) treat the following Medical cases:


  • GYNECOMASTY (for men)


General elements concerning Breast Plastic Surgery.

Breast is composed from milk canals, lymph nodes, fat, gland, blood vessels. There are no muscles which cannot be repaired if cut.

Breasts are one of the most important symbols of feminine attributes. The shape, the form, the size, may be altered by age, illness, pregnancy, weight loss or maybe you don't like their appearance. Those perceived negative aspects by your mind provoke psychological dissatisfaction & feeling of social inferiority.

For all those reasons BREAST Plastic Surgery is the most frequent Plastic Surgery in Europe & in the USA.

BREAST PLASTIC SURGERY allows to correct all these defects and to give you the pleasure of a blooming personality.

For all the Breast Plastic Surgery procedures after sending the data, X-rays & photos required by your Surgeon, you will discuss with him when on Crete of the details of the treatment: expectations, size, kind & type of prosthesis, shape, incisions, hormone treatment, etc.

The anesthesia procedure which consists of conscious sedation + local anesthesia, has many advantages: Maximum safe treatment, Quick recovery & return to your activities, no need of stay in clinic (not even 1 day, less post surgery complications, cost less as far as 50 to 60% in comparison of North European prices. Of course the anesthesia procedure is combined with the Non Invasive Surgery technique.

For all the Plastic Surgery procedures, Cretan Health brings you to the Surgeon's office & back to your hotel. During your stay, we shall bring you to your physician at least 2 more times & as many time as requests your Surgeon.

If you don't want to drive, an employee of Cretan Health will take you for a cultural tour to Chania or Heraklion in respect of the Surgeon's prescriptions.


For all our patients of Plastic Surgery treatments, we offer at no charge Reflexology sessions or teeth whitening! 




Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation through implants is a Plastic Surgery technique since the 60’s. That means that Plastic Surgeons have a lot of experience & scientific & medical information concerning this procedure. In the same time, the implant manufacturers following the medical & technological progresses have done dramatic steps forward towards the safety and comfort of Breast implants. These combined effects have favored the Breast Augmentation in becoming the first Plastic Surgery treatment in the world.Cretan health Breast augmentation

Implants are inserted by your Plastic Surgeon either under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. The incisions are usually made by our P.S. under the mammary fold in order not to leave any visible scar.

Our Plastic Surgeons following the Minimal Invasive Surgical Techniques & the Conscious Sedation Anesthesia technique provide:


-Minimal dangers following Anesthesia

-Minimal post treatment complications

-Minimal pain

-Harmony between your body & the size & shape of your new Breast

-Fast recovery & quick return to your activities

-Procedure duration: 1 to 1, 30 hours.

-Anesthesia: local or general. It will be discussed between You, your Anesthesiologist & your Plastic Surgeon.

-Stay in clinic: the patient is released the same day.

 Cretan health Breast augmentation


Breast lift

The basic element of the Breast Lift procedure is the shifting of the nipple & areola upwards. But if the breast is small then it can be combined with a procedure of Breast augmentation with implants. If the Breast is too big then it can be combined with a Breast reduction procedure.cretan health breast lift

Incisions: techniques with the Minimal Invasive Surgery & with minimal incisions. In order to avoid scars on the Breasts, for women aged 45 to 55 years we try & we have succeeded so far, to make the incisions around the areola. The edema & bruising will disappear in 1 week.

Anesthesia: Conscious or Mild Sedation combined with local anesthesia.

Stay in clinic: no

Recovery period: 1-2 days

Return to normal activities: after 3 days. It is advised to stay on Crete during 5 days.

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours according the patient’s age & the desired shape.

Follow up: if needed, total & permanent for all Europe.

Costs: Due to very low fixed costs, prices are 50 to 60% less expensive than in U.K., Germany, Scandinavia, NL, CH, USA, Italy, etc.




Breast reduction

The woman’s Breast, this high symbolic element of the motherhood & feminity, can provoke a lot of problems in case of a MEGALOMASTIA (too big breast) with heavy & hanging breasts.

cretan health breast reduction

This is due either to hormonal reasons or to obesity. The problems are: headaches, neck pain which may spread to the shoulders, psychological ones, problems related to clothing, etc.

The Mammaplasty, (the plastic surgery of the breast), allows to solve those problems by removing excess skin & reducing a part of the mammary gland. In the same time the size of the areola is reduced & the nipple corrected.

The Breast reduction treatment can be combined with a Breast Lifting.

If you are going to start a weight loss regime, then you will do your Breast reduction after that.

Procedure: through the Minimal Invasive Surgery & the association of Local Anesthesia with Conscious or Mild Sedation, small & fine incisions are made around the areola & from there downwards to the mammary folds. The objective is to minimize the visibility of the scars.

After the treatment there will be some swelling which will draw away in a week.

After 2 to 3 months you will observe the final results.

No restrictions to breast feeding & only for a few days some light lack of sensitivity of the nipples.

Recovery time: due to the used techniques, no recovery time is needed. Nevertheless, a member of Cretan Health personnel will accompany you to your hotel & bring you into the Surgeon’s office for the post operative visit.

After a few hours you leave the Doctor’s surgery.

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours.

Stay in Crete: 5 days.

Follow up: by your surgeon always & by all modern electronic media.



Gynecomasty is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men causing hanging & large breasts. Only the surgery treatment can solve this situation.

 cretan health Gynecomasty

The gynecomasty appears either through swollen nipples concentrated around the areola or adipose tissues & fat.

Depending of the type of gynecomasty, the Plastic Surgeon will use either a liposuction treatment or a gland removal & liposuction treatment.

Duration of procedure: from 45 to 60 minutes.

Anesthesia: general or local or light sedation + local.

Hospital stay: some hours to one day.

Recovery time: due to the used techniques, no recovery time outside the clinic is needed. A staff member of Cretan Health will accompany you to your hotel & bring you into the Surgeon’s office for the post operative visit and for further visits if needed.

Stay on Crete: Recommended to stay 5 days.

Follow up: by your surgeon always & by all modern electronic media.