The Philosophy:


The Physicians collaborating on DETOXIFICATION with Cretan Health treat patients in a Holistic way that means with an individualized treatment which concerns the entire organism.

They are specialized in chronic and acute diseases, especially on obesity, metabolic diseases & the regulation of body weight. Also they are specialists in Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine.

Among their other interests are: Balance, Sleep & Smell Disorders as well as Alternative Therapies like Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Gemotherapy, Aesthetic Acupuncture and other Medical methods which treat the individual in a way reminding the ANCIENT HEALING METHODS WITH THE HELP OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY & KNOWLEDGE.

Their aim is your wellbeing, your revitalization, the improvement of your anti-ageing system and the balance between your physical & psychic systems.


Detoxification: the process


What are Toxins?


Substances (proteins) which, in excess, are threatening the human body. Thus diminishing the wonderful defense mechanism of health, leading the human cells in aging and disease, because they create morbid symptoms & block the production of antibodies & antioxydants.


From where toxins are derived?


Destroyed environment, air, water which is said disinfected and is enriched with chemicals, fast food, internal creation of our body, emotions.


What is Detoxification?


The ability of the Human Body balancing rules to protect nourishment (Oxygen, Water, Aliment, Thoughts), at all stages, such as, assimilation, disintegration and excretion of substances either useful like H2O or harmful as TOXINS.


Catabolism of TOXINS is undertaken by Liver, while excretion is through Kidneys (by urine), Large Intestine (by feaces) and Skin (by Perspiration). 


Each organ contributes to Detoxification:


  • Kidneys: clean blood & manage water quality & balance in our body.
  • Liver: Intakes Nutrients & Toxins and converts them into a cathartic liquid, the Bile.
  • Lymph Nodes & Spleen: help body to collect & excrete lots of Toxins, through Lymph.     
  • Large Intestine: dissociates waste products.
  • Skin: Eliminate Toxins through sweat & sebaceous glands.
  • Lungs: control of the acidosis effect & eliminate acid toxins through respiration.
  • Heart: Among a lot of functions, also ‘’cleans up ‘’lungs from acidic products.


Our specialized Physicians treat you with a HOLISTIC method that examines and improves all above mentioned Organs & their functions in the DETOXIFICATION mechanism.


What our collaborating Physicians offer?


 Cleansing and harmonizing of the body.


  • First step. Detoxification of sensory organs through eispneotherapeias (breathing therapy). Ancient healing method that relieves nose, smell, eyes, ears and taste from all kinds of toxins that accumulate daily on face and helps real perception.
  • Step two. With the knowledge of Ayurveda and Orthomolecular techniques, our specialized Physicians offer personalized proposals of eating behavior.
  • The third step. The modern science of nutrition, supports our proposals with Ayurvedic supplements, prepared according to the principles of the ancient science of Ayurveda ( Indian Medicine) or/and with supplements of Orthomolecular Medicine combined with the principles of the early Greek medicine of Hippocrates.


How do we provide DETOX therapies?


From your country you mail us your wishes & expectations. You inform us, also, of the city, resort, hotel, apartment, where you will stay on Crete. We, then inform you about our programs of 4,8,12 days therapies & their costs and the availability of our physicians to follow you.


If you decide to book your therapy, you will pay on a bank account of Cretan Health in your country a deposit equal to 25% of the amount of your therapy.


When you will arrive on Crete we shall contact you at the first day either at the Airport or at your place. And you will follow a series of tests. After that precise instructions will be given to you. A daily follow up will occur during your program.