Aesthetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery

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Many famous writers & philosophers said that the face is the mirror of the soul. But the real conclusion is that of psychologists & sociologists. They say that if you are happy with your face & body, then you reveal a bright personality.

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Implantology, general dental treatments

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Implants, bridges, crowns, whitening, veneers, extractions & many other general and specialized dental health and oral surgery treatments like: root canals treatments, cleanings, full & partial dentures, periodontology, facial surgery.

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Normal skin


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The Specialized Physicians in Dermatology with whom Cretan Health collaborate, take care either of your skin, scalp, hair, nails, problems or the improvement of their condition. They have worked or studied in France, Germany, the US, Italy.

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Your body


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The Physicians collaborating on Detoxification with Cretan Health treat patients in a Holistic way that means with an individualized treatment which concerns the entire organism.

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Weight loss surgery


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Bariatric or Metabolic Surgery is a modern medical discipline, dealing with the interventional treatment of obesity and other metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes.

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Laser vision corrections

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Ophthalmology & eye-surgery on Crete is internationally, a Medical specialty of excellence due to the Research of the Ophthalmology dpt. of the Medical School of the University of Crete.

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Ψychology Ψychiatry

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The Psychiatrists & Psychologists on Crete are excellent due to their Hospital experience & to the local medical history. Private treatments are of an international level.

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Crete & Health

Ancient times

From Ancient times Crete has possessed a great tradition in Health Care, Medicine and Well Being. Not only for treatments concerning the Body but also the Mind and the Psyche.

Asclepius son of Apollo and god of Health whose symbol a snake on a stick remains the symbol of Medicine, had many disciples on Crete who cured ill people in the Asclepiads (today we would say private clinics).


We the people of Crete are proud to have on our island one of the most famous Schools of Medicine in Europe with such famous Faculty members as: Pr. Vardas, President of the EU Cardiology Society, Pr. Palikaris, President of the European Cataract Society & former Faculty Member of the Medical School of Zurich, Pr. Tosca, former Research Fellow of the Medical Schools of Lyon, Berlin, London, California, Pr. Plaitakis, former Professor of Neurology at the Mount Sinai NY Medical School & others.

Health Care

Crete has a School of Medicine with all its Clinics, Research Centers, Departments & Courses based on its own Hospital, 7 public hospitals (2.200 beds, 2.500 Physicians & 4.500 health personnel), 7 private clinics with 700 beds & 700 collaborating Physicians, 200 Health Care Centers & Diagnosis Centers. Crete has the highest rate of Physicians per 1.000 inhabitants in Greece.

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Our Physicians are all accredited from the Ministry of Public Health, the N.H.S. Organization, the Medical Board of Greece & are members of International Medical Associations.

Your medical & health tourism help on Crete is Managed & Administrated by Manolis Douroudakis- M.A. University of Paris & M.B.A. University of Paris.


Manolis Douroudakis created Cretan Health after 22 years of experience as General Manager & CEO of Public Hospitals, Private Clinics & Pharmaceutical companies.

He has managed a Health Complex on Crete including 500 beds Hospital & 48 Health Care Centers, with 800 doctors & 560.000 patients per year. The hospital has 47 departments, 12 surgical theatres & 4.000 medical devices, instruments & engines. Due to his long experience in the health care sector he knows perfectly well the importance of excellent medical care for human being.

As you will spend your holidays on Crete, it is an opportunity to take advantage of your stay and visit some excellent physicians.

Mr. Douroudakis’ experience allows him to provide you with top quality & health care procedures from the best accredited & certified Private Practitioner on Crete. Most of these Physicians have either studied or worked or both in Universities & Hospitals of the U.S.A., U.K., France and Germany. Cretan Health guides you during your journey on Crete to the Specialist you need to resolve your Health & Well Being problem.